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Awario provides you with extensive knowledge on what is the word about your business online. It tracks online mentions of any given keyword (brand, company, competitor, CEO), analyzes mentions growth and visibility, and lets you join the conversation about what matters to you.

Awarios functions include: – Non-stop monitoring of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, blogs, forums, news, and other online resources for keywords in any language. – Prioritizing mentions by their popularity, enabling you to identify people who influence opinions about your brand category the most. – Tracking the growth in the number of mentions and their visibility, and comparing topics (alerts) by their popularity and visibility. – Identifying top influencers by social network. – Notifying you when new mentions appear with daily or weekly emails about the latest posts. Use Awario to: – Engage with your customers in real time: optimize customer service by always being there for your customers. – Build relationships with niche influencers: easily identify key influencers by the popularity of their posts, and reach out to them. – Raise brand awareness: reach more people through monitoring mentions of niche-related keywords and joining online conversations. – Find new sales opportunities: offer your product to people asking online about your product category. – Monitor your competitors: be aware of the successes and mistakes of your competitors to optimize your own business strategies. – Perform extensive market research: Awarios analytics dashboard provides you with a load of information about your customers and about your progress in social media and across the web. Awario is well-designed and easy to use from any device (your phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop). Take a moment to set up an alert with Awario by entering your keywords and take charge of what’s being said about your brand online.

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