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Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

Avira is one of the best antivirus in the world. With its various advantages, avira antivirus to be an antivirus choice many people and office to use it as a virus prevention on personal computers or computers where they work.

Here are some features of avira antivirus:

  • Available free and paid versions

Avira has a free and paid version, for paid version of course has advantages compared to the free, but for free version is enough for you who want to protect your personal computer from computer viruses. As for the paid version is suitable for those of you who want to secure your computer and internet network from virus attacks and irresponsible people like cyber criminal.

  • Real Time Cloud Scanning

With this method of real time cloud scanning like this, will provide early warning against new viruses contained on the internet. So virus files will be more quickly detected and provide a sense of security for your computer.

  • Easy and Easy Installation

In our experience, avira antivirus is one of the lightest and easiest in terms of installation, so for users this will make it easier for them when they want to try and use it.

  • Anti Ransomware

The latest version of avira antivirus is already able to keep your computer from ransomware attacks that can encrypt your computer files irresponsibly.

  • Can Run on Windows Operating System or Mac OS

Avira currently provides a multi-platform antivirus for Windows versions and also Mac OS. So for those of you who use one of these operating systems will be able to wear them well.

  • Identity and Privacy Protection

Avira antivirus can protect your data and privacy when surfing internet. Especially for pro version of course this will be very useful when you have a business and there are many computers in your office.

While according to AV-Comparatives avira is one of the best antivirus today, and they give awards to avira antivirus. If you who want to download avira antivirus offline installer, you can download through the following link.

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