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Avast is an antivirus that is quite popular among computer users and internet users. Avast is available free and paid version. In 2017, avast released new features for their antivirus program. These new features is available for latest version of Avast antivirus:

  • Sensitive Data Shield

Sensitive Data Shield is used to protect your files and documents from malware, as well as computer users who are not entitled to access your documents or files. Sensitive files are: Tax documents, Payroll documents, Plane tickets, Travel documents, etc. You can access Sensitive Data Shield feature by accessing Avast user interfacePrivacySensitive Data Shield..

  • Ransomware Shield

Ransomware Shield is used to protect your files and documents from virus malware access and aims to encrypt files and documents on your computer, so you can’t open your data and your documents, of course this would be very detrimental. To access this feature you can open Avast user interfaceSettingsComponents.

  • Behavior Shield

Behavior Shield is a feature in avast that serves to protect your computer in real time from files suspected virus, and potentially damage your data / files on your computer. To access this feature you can find it in Avast user interfaceSettingsComponentsBehavior ShieldCustomize.

  • Passive Mode

Use passive mode if you really believe your computer condition is good or well known. And maybe your computers memory allocation is needed to open another program, so with passive mode you can reduce application process of your computer. To view this feature you can access Avast user interfaceSettingsGeneralTroubleshootingCustomizePassive Mode.

  • Game Mode

Game mode function is actually about same as passive mode that is to improve PC performance by turning off some avast process that may not be needed, but game mode will be automatically detected if you register game in the list. To access it please open Avast user interfacePerformanceGame Mode.

To download Avast Offline Installer you can download it at the following link.

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