Autodesk 3ds Max 2016

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3ds Max is a program used to create 3D animations (3 Dimensions). 3ds Max is perfect if used to create 3D animated characters, modeling and also very good in giving some special effects 3 dimensions on the animated characters are made. In addition, it’s easy to use also provides its own advantages in 3ds Max software.

Here are some of the features found in 3ds Max:

Organic and Inorganic Model Features

The organic model can be a character model of living things that aren’t real (imaginative) such as monsters, robots, superhero heroes and other imaginative creatures. The inorganic model can be a model of inanimate objects such as cars, motorcycles, stones, trees, water, wood and others.

Features used for organic models generally use polygonal modeling techniques and NURBS modeling. Polygonal modeling is a technique of modeling using basic geometric objects such as “boxes” which are then developed into more complex objects. While NURBS modeling technique is a technique to create a model using the lines created like the frame of the desired object, then given the shape of the surface (surface).

Features Biped and Bone (Frame)

The bone technique is to make bones one by one, then made a link between each bone so interconnected. Bone Technique is different from Biped technique, biped technique allows us to make the bone that has been integrated into a whole unified frame so that we no longer need to connect and create links one by one between bones such as bone technique.

Effect feature

Effect and Environment effect feature is used to create the effect of fire, smoke, fog, glow, and so on.

Real Texture and Texture Cartoon Features

“Real Texture” means to give a real texture, in accordance with the nature and characteristics of the object as in the real world or original (Feature used is standard material). While “Texture Cartoon” means giving textures like cartoons using bright and bright colors (Features used are Ink’npaint material).

Features Make Fur, Hair, Grass and So on

To create the object required special features namely Hair and Fur. These features can make it easy for you to create feather, hair, grass and so on.

Features Making Cloths and Clothes

The feature used is Cloth Simulation. With this feature, you can make cloth or shirt with more natural and realistic resembles the original form.

Features of Liquid Objects

The features used are Meta Particle and BlobMesh. This feature is often used to create rivers, seas, ponds and so on.

Realistic Light Feature

You can use the Global Illumination feature with various techniques to your liking such as Light Tracer, Mental Ray or Radiosity.

Dynamic Animation feature

This feature is not only used for objects that are hard but can also be used for soft objects, fabrics, and so forth.

3ds Max can provide object frames of 3D characters that have been created so that 3D characters can move like in humans. In this case, there are 2 techniques that can be done such as Biped techniques and Bone techniques. Biped technique to create a bone that is integrated into a whole unified frame. While the bone technique that makes bones with one by one, then conducted links between bones related to each other. You can download 3ds Max through the link below.

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