Adobe Flash CS6

Last Updated on September 24, 2017 by Jack

Adobe Flash is an application used to create a variety of animation and presentation purposes. Usually Adobe Flash is used to create animated movies, animated ads, animated web content, making presentations, games, and other interactive media. Adobe Flash CS6 itself is the latest version of the previous version of Adobe Flash CS5.

There are many new features that exist in Adobe Flash CS6 include the following:

  • Large photos can be loaded faster than previous versions, cause Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine System that capable of speeding up graphic/image rendering time.
  • Adobe Flash CS6 already supports for HTML 5 web programming language, so it will be very useful for you who use it to embed as the web content.
  • Symbols export menu and also faster animation sequences to generate sprite sheets, thereby enhancing experience in creating animation, workflow efficiency, and productivity.
  • Provides support for use on Android and iOS with the latest Adobe Flash player.

To use Adobe Flash CS6 requires a computer with system requirements: Minimum Operating System Windows XP service Pack 3 or Windows 7 SP 1, Intel Pentium 4 Processor or AMD Athlon 64 Processor (higher specification strongly recommended), 2GB RAM (higher is better) , 3.5GB Hard Drive Space (more free space is highly recommended), 1024×768 Display 16 bit video card, Java Application Runtime and Quicktime must Installed.

If you want to try make animation using Adobe Flash CS6, you can download Adobe Flash CS6 via the following link.

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