ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor is a software that used to monitor the condition of smart devices and the state of the home which integrated with Windows Server operating system thoroughly. So that an Administrator/Owner can make the right decision based on condition displayed by Windows Server.

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor offers seamless integration with popular environmental devices available today, including AVTech, Kentix, and many others.

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor runs a background service on a Windows 2019/2016/2012/2008 server platform. View the results using a Windows GUI application (on server and/or workstation), or browser on  a PC, tablet or mobile phone using ActiveXperts Web Access.

The Web Access component is hosted on a Windows Web Server (IIS).

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor software is capable of monitoring the following topics:

– Switch (On/Off)
– Temperature
– Humidity
– Wetness (water leaks)
– Dewpoint
– Heat Index
– Power
– Power State
– Voltage
– Light
– Motion
– Smoke
– Door (open/close)
– Resistance
– Movement
– Vibration
– Oxygen
– Carbon Oxide
– Carbon Dioxide

When a treshold exceeds, ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor will alerts via SNMP Trap notification, SMS, Email, Pager. Optionally, execute a corrective action script automatically can be done and determined..

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor supports PowerShell and VBScript to customize or combine checks. It features advanced graph, reporting and dashboard facilities through an internet Interface. This Web Interface is flexible and may be fully customized.

ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor uses a MS SQL Server or MySQL database to store all monitoring data. All historical data can be accessed at any time using a browser on a desktop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Developer: Active Experts

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