3 Best WordPress Theme in 2020

Last Updated on November 12, 2022 by Humera hallari

The WordPress theme is one of the important concerns for bloggers who use WordPress Self Hosetd. The WordPress theme affects many things like SEO, speed, functionality, and also the aesthetics of a website. Therefore choosing the right theme will finish the Blogger job earlier before the content is created, instead of selecting the random theme that eventually remodel the look of the website because the theme doesn’t match the wishes.

On this occasion Nosware will give you a review and also listing some of the WordPress themes that we consider to be the best and worthy to use. The theme that we will review has advantages that can be remodeled easily because it uses a Builder that already include in the purchase of the theme.

Here are the top 3 WordPress themes of the Nosware version in 2020.

1. Jannah – Newspaper Magazine News BuddyPress AMP

Jannah is a WordPress theme created by TieLabs, we put this theme first as this theme is designed with good speed, it has an elegant design, and it also has a very readable font.

This Jannah theme is also support to be accessed using the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) version. In addition, the theme of Jannah also provides several blocks that are very responsive and accompanied by Ajax Loadmore, makes this theme can be designed easily without us having to understand coding.

In addition, Jannah theme also provides slots/space to install AD code such as Google Adsense, so we can advertise without having to install any additional plugins that burden our website. Jannah theme is also comprehensive with Microdata’s SEO Rich Snippet Schema, which will make our website content well-visible on Search engines like Google. You can download the Jannah theme through the following link click here.

2. Newspaper WordPress Theme

Who doesn’t know this one’s Newspaper theme? Newspaper is a theme created by TagDiv and this theme is very popular among bloggers. Newspaper offers many advantages such as many demos that can be installed with one click and also many content blocks are varied.

Many people love Newspaper because this one theme is very good at loading images using Lazyload Images system. This one theme also has support for AMP version, so it will be easier for you when you want your website faster when accessed by mobile version.

The Newspaper theme also always adds a new demo which of course can make your website look fresher, of course, you won’t have to spend any money anymore to buy a different theme. You can get Newspaper theme in here click here.

3. JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme

JNews became a tough competitor to the Newspaper theme, in addition to having a resemblance to the concept, but JNews has some advantages including the appearance of several demo themes that are completely out of the box. Say like for Video, JNews provides a theme style that is very similar to the YouTube theme, but it’s also quite fast when accessed.

JNews as well as Jannah and Newspaper, they also provide blocks that can be in drag and drop easily. So it makes us easy to create a website look with our own style. This JNews theme also provides some blocks that are out of the box, or other themes rarely have anyone had.

In addition to the support of AMP, Ads, and Affiliate, the JNews theme also provides Front End submission, meaning users can create content without having to login to the website’s dashboard and submit the content they want to share. JNews theme also provides option to change the header and footer to our liking. You can have the JNews theme by visiting the following link click here.

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