3 Best Plugin WordPress for Adsense

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Sana Modi

Google Adsense is becoming one of the most popular advertising networks among bloggers. So far many bloggers are using WordPress Self Hosted Platform and they can easily insert advertisements (like Google Adsense) on their WordPress sites by using plugins.

But not all plugins are very good and sometimes less good to be applied long term because the changes have to be done manually, then what plugins should be used to install Google Adsense in WordPress? See reviews below.

1. Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter became the best plugin I have ever tried, with just free version we can easily manage the position of the ad in the place we want. Changes to ad position settings are also immediately visible, so it is not manual that we enter the ad code and replace it. It will certainly be well used in a long time.

This Plugin provides 16 ad blocks for the free version, and I think that’s enough for us to manage a large site though. With the settings of each block, we can choose which ads will show where, the position is like what, the size of how. And even better, this plugin is support for inserting ads on AMP pages.

Better yet, this plugin in addition to being able to appear auto ads, can also be in settings for ads to be inserted manually using Shortcodes. For example we only want some ads to appear in the sidebar widget, we can use them easily, and just replace the ads that are to our liking, without editing the ad code in the sidebar. You can download Ad Inserter plugin here.

2. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is the number two plugin that I will recommend to you. Strictly competing with the Ad Inserter plugin, this plugin can also be easily to put Google Adsense ads in the position we want.

The free version of this plugin is also already very enough to manage Google Adsense ads on our website. In addition there is no limit on creating Ad units using Advanced Ads, so we will be free to create a variety of Google Adsense ad formats that we will manage later.

But why do I put this Plugin in second order? Yes, because this plugin does not support to include ads on AMP pages on its free version. We have to buy additional Addon in order to insert the ads on AMP page. You can download Advanced Ads here.

3. Ads & AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

Reached number 4, I recommend you use Google AdSense ad Plugin from WP quads, this Plugin can be easily used to insert Google AdSense ads and other ads.

As distinguishing from the previous two plugins, this plugin can randomly pop up Google Adsense ads in the same place, so that the ads will look more varied and more appealing.

But unfortunately this plugin is also not support for the AMP version. We have to buy the Pro version in order to include ads in our website’s AMP version. You can download the Ads plugin & the AdSense QUADS WP Plugin here.

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