3 Best AMP WordPress Plugin

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AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) is now a very important factor to be able to rank one on Google search. Fortunately Google strongly supports the use of AMP on CMS-based WordPress sites. They work alongside Automattic to create a very useful and easy-to-use AMP plugin for WordPress users.

But before you use the AMP plugin, it’s a good idea to find out in advance roughly which AMP plugin is best suited for you to use on your WordPress website. Here’s a list of AMP plugins that can make your WordPress website support Google search for AMP pages.

1. AMP by Google, Automattic and Etc.

This AMP plugin is created by Google and also Automattic, making it very clear that this one is most recommended plugin to be used as an additional plugin for website support when in access via AMP method.

This AMP Plugin has three settings options, which AMP we’ll use with our WordPress theme. The first is Standard mode, this mode will use our WordPress theme as a theme that will be converted into AMP support, but all you need to know, that not all themes can be used as an AMP theme, so you need to impose and delete some scripts that may eventually be your theme will be broken in appearance. Choose this mode if your theme from the start is already support for use as an AMP theme.

Transitional mode, with this Mode plugin will make our content into two types, one that supports AMP, and two that don’t support AMP. So, with this mode, each AMP URL will be able to be used separately and differently from those that don’t support AMP. This is so useful for your site that you want to fully support AMP for content.

Reader mode, with this mode plugin will create its own very simple and simplistic theme for our content to support AMP. However, because it uses a very simple theme, it may not be suitable for some of you who want the site to be more attractive and colorful. But for AMP support with this mode the result is very good. To get this plugin, you can visit the following page click here.

2. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Different from the first, although the plugin is made by some people and not the organization, this one AMP plugin is also widely used by WordPress users. When this article is written, this one AMP plugin has been used by more than 100,000 users.

This AMP Plugin support for ads installed such as Google Adsense, support for content sharing buttons, support installed Contact Form and so on. In addition, this one AMP plugin provides many theme options that you can use for free at any time. Unlike the first plugin, this plugin is more attractive and colorful.

Which makes it more powerful, this AMP plugin is already very usable in conjunction with Woocommerce, as well as a variety of Page Builder plugins such as Divi and Elementor. You can download this plugin via this page click here.

3. AMP WP – Google AMP For WordPress

The last one is Pixelative’s AMP WP plugin, the plugin is slightly different from other plugins, as it will directly provide a theme that supports AMP for your WordPress. The themes that this AMP plugin provides are pretty good and professional, so it’s suitable for those of you who don’t want to be ribet for your WordPress AMP configuration.

In addition AMP WP support to display the slider in the version of your WordPress AMP pages, support Guttenberg and also can be entered ads such as Google Adsense. This one AMP Plugin also provides a content search facility so it will be more interactive in the eyes of visitors. You can download this plugin via the following page click here.

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